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Practical Martial Arts for Self Defence

Why No Kids?

In the Leeds Shinseido club the minimum age for students is set at 18. There is one main reason for this...

Our training is geared towards self-defence. As such there are some aspects of the training which we do not consider to be suitable for children:

  • Role-play - one part of self-defence training is not about technique but about familiarising yourself with scenarios in which you might be assaulted. Role-play helps students to simulate such experiences. Inevitably this requires students to be exposed to aggressive behaviour and swearing, not something we think children should be practising!
  • Dangerous techniques - in Shinseido we try to equip students with techniques suitable for any level of assault. So the techniques vary in their level of severity. In dangerous situations it may be appropriate to use techniques that are themselves inherently dangerous. Clearly it is not responsible to teach children such techniques. Not only do they lack the wisdom to know when to use them, they generally lack the control required to practice them safely.
Actually, many adults may not be emotionally prepared for such role-play, and will initially lack the physical control to safely practice dangerous techniques. But adults can generally develop both these attributes over time, as long as they are introduced gradually under supervision.

Of course, children can benefit enormously from martial art training. They can get fitter, improve coordination and build confidence. And there are plenty of good clubs that provide just the right environment for children. Here are details of some that we would recommend from personal experience:

Pudsey Judo Club.

Leeds Kodokan Martial Arts Club - Jujitsu & Kickboxing.

Kaizen Martial Arts Academy - Shotokan Karate & Kobudo.

Leeds Central Aikido - Aikido training in various places around Leeds.